What is reputation management?

In today’s information age, one of the most common methods of reviewing whether a company or product is worth our hard-earned money is a Google search. The thousands of people that are looking for your product may all be reading negative reviews of your brand, which is both costing you sales and tarnishing your entire business reputation.

Turning Negative Into Positive

Customer feedback is an immensely important aspect in running a business. Only your customers have an outside view of your business services/products and how satisfied they are with them. Our reputation management system captures the negative feedback and immediately emails you the information. This way, you can pinpoint with accuracy what you need to improve on as the owner.

Ivanov Designs’ Reputation Management System

We take a holistic and established approach to presenting your business in a positive light on review websites such as Yelp and Google Places. Our custom solutions get REAL reviews posted on your business page on review sites like these.

Online Review Management

Many sites on the Internet, including Yelp and Google, allow your customers to write reviews about your business. We reply to both positive and negative reviews and consult you on negative reviews so that we may address the issue.

Better Reviews On…

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